Whether you run a bar, hotel, restaurant, fast-food joint or a convenience store, you’ll need straws, and lots of them. Like food storage containers, they tend to be a cost that sneaks up on your finances over time, and they can get quite expensive if you need to regularly order large quantities.

Bulk Straws for Sale Online

That’s why Bulk Buys carries a range of straws to suit a variety of businesses, all of which can be ordered online for delivery Australia-wide

Plastic Cocktail & Drinks Straws

If you serve high volumes of drinks every day, you need a sustainable solution for staying topped up with straws. Bulk Buys carries a variety of short & long straws, bendy straws, clear-straws and more.

Available in packs from 2,000 – 5,000 and in a variety of colours, you can stock up on straws with a fraction of the price with Bulk Buys. 

Eco-Friendly Straws

There’s never been a bigger focus on recycling and environmentally-friendly solutions to the global waste problem, and cutting down on single-use disposable straws has been a large part of that. 

Recycled, paper, cardboard and metal straws have all seen a huge boost in popularity in bars, restaurants, fast-food outlets, convenience stores & more as more & more people demand environmental responsibility from businesses. 

That’s why Bulk Buys carries an enormous range of environmentally-friendly straws. You can choose from a huge range of straws, including individually wrapped eco-strawssugarcane biodegradable straws, or recyclable metal straws

A Range of Drinks Containers

Bulk Buys offers more than just straws – we also provide a full end-to-end drinks solution for your business including cold-cupsdisposable coffee cups, lids, cocktail picks, carry trays & more. 

So whether you just need to top up a dwindling supply, or you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to your current supplier, you can order online anytime you like with Bulk Buys. If you want an ongoing delivery, we can help there too. Simply get in touch here and we’ll contact you with how we can help. 

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