Bathroom Cleaning

Not many people enjoy cleaning bathrooms, and to be honest, we can’t really help with that. What we can help with is making sure you can access all the bathroom cleaning chemicals you need at a price you can afford, whether you’re running a business or simply stocking up your home. 

Bulk Bathroom Cleaners for Professionals

If you run a cleaning business, you’ll need to keep yourself stocked up to the rafters with a huge variety of cleaning chemicals including bathroom cleaners. For your services, however, people pay a premium, so a spray with a multi-purpose, jack-of-all-trades cleaner and a microfibre cloth doesn’t quite cut it. You need a range of very specific cleaners & chemicals for a wide variety of surfaces, but sadly, it all gets a bit expensive when you use a lot of it. 

That’s where Bulk Buys can help. Not only do we carry a huge range of bulk bathroom cleaning equipment, but we can send it anywhere in Australia for prices you can afford. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just topping up on one or two chemicals, or whether you are simply after a new, ongoing supplier – Bulk Buys is your answer. 

With 25LT & 5LT tubs of Sugar SoapSolvent CleanerSpray & Wipe CleanerDisinfectantHand Soap & Bleach, there’s a cleaning solution for your business with Bulk Buys. 

Bulk Bathroom Cleaners for Homes

If you like a clean bathroom, you probably go mad with the bleach every weekend to keep your bathrooms looking sparkling. The cost adds up, and you probably haven’t sat down to work out your bleach budget for the year. While individual containers of cleaners don’t cost much, once you’ve purchased a few, they can get a bit expensive. They don’t last long either, so you’ll find yourself back in the supermarket stocking up very shortly. 

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Bulk Buys carries an extensive range of bathroom cleaning chemicals, from limescale & rust remover to air freshenersdisinfectant, bleach, hand soap, & more. 

Australia-wide Delivery

Since 2009, Bulk Buys has been delivering bulk products across Australia for up to 30% off retail prices, and our range is always growing. 

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