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Despite a global shift to paperless everything, and a couple of very famous comedy shows making fun of the intricate world of paper-supply companies, business & educational facilities still have a very real requirement for a regular supply of paper. 

While most companies already have a recurring order of paper, when it comes to topping up that order or finding something a little different such as coloured copy paper, the price-per-ream suddenly goes up. That’s where Bulk Buys can help. 

Bulk White A4 Copy Paper

Every business and most homes need industry-standard white A4 paper at some point. Perfect for copying & printing documents, or taking notes, you’ll probably find you go through large quantities of white A4 paper. Whether you’ve got a recurring supplier already and just need a quick top-up, or if you’re planning on a larger one-off order of a range of office supplies, Bulk Buys can deliver a variety of sizes of copy paper across Australia. 

If you need something a little higher quality, such as printing booklets, proposals, or contracts, our premium A4 cartridge paper is a good option. It’s also good for artists who need high-quality paper for use with pencils, charcoal, ink & paints. 

Wholesale Coloured A4 Paper 

Particularly if you’re ordering on behalf of a school or educational institute, you’ll have a greater need for coloured paper, and Bulk Buys caters for that too! We supply a variety of colours for delivery around Australia with prices starting as low as $18.95 for 500 sheets. 

What Does GSM Mean?

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter, and is a standard measure of how thick a single sheet of paper is. Most printing & copy paper has a GSM between 60 & 120, with 80gsm being the most commonly-found paper weight in the world. 

120gsm paper is higher-quality and generally more expensive. Its extra weight makes it sturdier, meaning it’s better for art & high-quality bulk printing. 

60gsm paper is light in weight and low in quality. It’s usually considered better for domestic printing, such as keeping records of bills, receipts, & scans of documents for record-keeping.

Anything over 160gsm is considered card. 

A Range of Bulk Office Supplies

Bulk Buys supplies a full range of office supplies including stationery, tape, gluepackaging paper & supplies as well as sundries such as tea, coffeemilk & more. All our products can be ordered online & delivered anywhere in Australia. 

If you’re looking for a more bespoke or recurring order, get in touch with us today by using the contact form found here.

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