Floor Cleaners

Powerful floor cleaning supplies Make your regular cleaning schedule as smooth as possible with the very best cleaning products from Bulk Buys.

From concentrated heavy-duty cleaners to get rid of the toughest marks and stains to scented disinfectants, we have a wide range of floor cleaning products to choose from. We also stock all of the professional cleaning equipment you could need too, at the greater value prices we’re known for. Our bulk cleaning supplies are ideal for professionals, with a wide choice of products to take on the most difficult cleaning projects.

Commercial floor cleaners

If your commercial flooring has been damaged we have a range of clever cleaning solutions including professional graffiti remover, chewing gum remover and glue remover. Specially formulated to provide impressive results, you can count on our range of industrial cleaning products for any project. Bring your tired floors back to life with our revive gloss restorer or make bathroom floors smell fresh with a scented floor disinfectant.

Professional cleaning chemicals

For some jobs, store-bought cleaning products just aren’t going to cut it, so we have a range of professional floor cleaners that will make the dirtiest of floors sparkle. We have a range of high-quality professional cleaning chemicals including industrial methylated spirits, heavy-duty alkaline grease oil remover and caustic soda 40% sodium hydroxide. Perfect for professional cleaners and cleaning companies, all of our bulk floor cleaners meet the very highest Australian safety standards. We also have high-grade antibacterial floor cleaners which are ideal for medical clinics and sterile environments.

Floor cleaners for every room

We have some great bathroom floor cleaners that are designed to remove stains and odours. Our commercial kitchen floor cleaners deliver impressive results, no matter how We also have smaller size cleaning products available in bulk, ideal for home use and saving on your household cleaning bills. We’ve got some great deals on household floor cleaning products too, like multipurpose floor wipes and disinfectant spray.

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