Disposable Containers

The trick to running an efficient P&L in a commercial kitchen is portion control. As a business, you can’t afford to be dishing up meals with estimated amounts of food, particularly if you’re sending the same meals to the same table. That leaves you to figure out two things:
  • How can you divide up your food stock to get the most value out of it while minimising wastage?
  • How do you store those portions safely, securely, and furthermore, conveniently?

We’ll leave the maths and portion control up to you, but we can certainly help with a storage solution. Bulk Buys carried a large range of disposable wholesale plastic containers ideal for food storage, all available for order online with fast delivery Australia-wide.

Foil, Plastic, Rectangular & Round Containers

Like most hospitality ventures, your produce varies in terms of size, shape, volume & quantity, so you need a supplier that similarly provides food storage containers in a variety of sizes, shapes, volumes, & quantities. Bulk Buys can do exactly that. We have plastic food containers available in bulk from small sauce containers for anything between 40ml to 850ml, up to large, 1L rectangular disposable containers. Both containers & lids are available to order online with great rates much cheaper than retail.

Wholesale Catering Solutions

If your portion control extends to the packaging in which your food is presented to customers, then Bulk Buys also has you covered. We carry a large range of cardboard takeaway containers, eco-friendly sugarcane food containers, Kraft boxes, & cardboard bowls. If you’re ordering for a kitchen and front-of-house, we also provide takeaway cups, straws, napkins, carry bags & more so businesses like yours can order a full range of all takeaway & food storage needs delivered where you need them, when you need them.

Australian Owned since 2009

Bulk Buys has been providing a range of products to businesses all across Australia with huge discounts for over a decade, and our inventory of products is constantly growing. Whether you’re a business that has been caught short and needs a quick resupply until your main supplier catches up, or if you’re looking for a long-term partner that helps you get more while spending less, Bulk Buys can help. If you’re after a large order or want to set up recurring deliveries, feel free to contact us on (03) 9357 7141 or email us on customercare@bulkbuys.com.au.

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