Kitchen Cleaning

You’re probably heard the saying that your toilet seat is cleaner than your chopping board, kitchen countertop, or taps. It sounds a little scary, but it’s not too far from the truth. Most people regularly use cloths, brushes, & scouring pads that have been used several times over. They get wet, then don’t dry properly, and gradually become a breeding ground for germs. 

Bulk Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

For this reason, keeping a kitchen clean is really important, particularly if you prepare food for paying customers, but how do you keep on top of your cleaning chemical supply without spending a fortune doing so? 

Whether you’re simply cleaning your kitchen at home, looking for a better solution to clean the kitchen in your restaurant, or you run a professional cleaning company, Bulk Buys has a solution to help you clean up on kitchen cleaning chemicals.

Wholesale Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

If you run a food business, you need your kitchen cleaned countless times per day. You might feel like you order a vast quantity of cleaning chemicals for your kitchen almost every day, worrying at the amount of money that seems to disappear into your suppliers’ pockets every month.

That’s where Bulk Buys can help. Our Melbourne warehouse can hold plenty of stock, so we regularly order large quantities of all the most common kitchen cleaning chemicals your business needs. Because we order so much, we can pass those savings on to you, helping your bottom line look as clean as your kitchen. 

Whether you’re looking to top up a dwindling supply, preparing for the busy season, or looking for a new supplier altogether, Bulk Buys can help. 

Bulk Domestic Kitchen Cleaners

It doesn’t matter how clean the rest of your house is – a dirty kitchen ruins the whole lot. Sadly, supermarkets are jammed with multi-purpose this, multi-purpose that, and none of it works particularly well. Tough, baked in stains on the stove top, drinks rings on wooden countertops, tarnished stainless steel sinks… They all need something more than your supermarket brand kitchen cleaners.

But buying specialised cleaners is expensive, so it’s hard to justify forking out all that extra cash when there’s a multi-purpose cleaner that’s good enough, even if it leaves you wanting more. 

But what if it doesn’t have to be like that? What if there was somewhere you could buy all the specialised domestic kitchen cleaners you needed without having to fork out a premium for the good stuff? 

Fortunately, there is, and that place is Bulk Buys. 

We carry a huge range of domestic cleaning chemicals available in bulk quantities available for delivery across Australia. Plus, with up to 30% off retail prices, you can stock up with all you need at a price you can afford. 

Whether you need glass cleanerdishwasher liquiddegreaserdishwasher detergentdishwasher rinse aid or stainless steel cleaners, you can get all that and more with Bulk Buys. 

Full Range of Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning chemicals are one thing, but dirty cleaning equipment such as sponges and cloths can nullify all your efforts. Their exposure to warm, damp, unsanitary environments can lead these items to become a source of bacteria & germs. Fortunately, Bulk Buys can provide all that too, and it’s all available to order online. 

Get sponges, scourers, microfiber cloths, steel wool scourers, or disposable cloths online as well.

Bulk Buys Is Here To Help 

Bulk Buys has been delivering every-day products to homes & businesses across Australia from our Melbourne warehouse for over ten years now, so you can depend on Bulk Buys to meet all your expectations. If there is anything we can do to help, or you need some assistance get in touch here!

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