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Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Australia Hotel amenities are a bottomless pit of expenditure for hotels or accommodation. Sadly, nobody really leaves 5-star reviews based on the quality of the shampoo & hand soap in the bathroom, but if you don’t provide any, you’ll hear all about it.

On top of that, many guests like to empty their room of anything that isn’t tied down, meaning you’ll be forever topping up on amenities even if they haven’t been used.
If your balance sheet was looking OK until you added in your monthly expenditure on amenities such as soap, shampoo, body wash, & more, it may be time to switch to Bulk Buys.

Order Guest Amenities Online

Part of the reason so many businesses choose to order their guest toiletries through Bulk Buys is because of our easy online ordering system. This means you can order what you need online whenever you need it, and have those products delivered anywhere in Australia.

This is particularly helpful for AirBnB or guest house owners who may not need a regular enough supply of toiletries to fix themselves up with a recurring supplier, but want the convenience of knowing an order of everything they need is a few simple clicks away.

Amenities Beyond Toiletries

When you order guest amenities from Bulk Buys, you aren’t limited to simply soaps & shampoos – you can also choose from the following as well:

Wall-Mounted Hair Dryers

As mentioned earlier, guests have a tendency to pinch things that aren’t fixed to the ground (or wall, in this case). If you’re worried about guests liberating you of your hairdryers, worry not – Bulk Buys sell wall-mounted hair dryers that can’t be removed.

Tabletop Magnifying Mirrors

Helpful for shaving or doing makeup where the light is best, choose from a range of magnifying mirrors in a variety of colours.

Wall-Mounted Soap Dispensers

If you frequently have guests and want a more sustainable option for shampoo & body wash, try our wall-mounted dispensers, available in sets of one or 2 in white or black.

Tea & Coffee

It’s expected that tea and coffee are available in every guest room around the world now, so remember to keep yourself topped up with Bulk Buys. We also provide kettles, cups, sugar sachets & stirrers to bring you a complete coffee-station solution.

Much More than Just Bulk Buys

We stock hundreds of other products for hotels & accommodation as well, even for public areas. This includes hand sanitizers, hand dryers, bathroom paper towels, shaving kits, laundry kits & more. Whether you’re running a simple out-of-town getaway, a popular city-pad AirBnB, a country hotel or a large hotel, you’ll be able to keep yourself stocked up with all the amenities you & your guests need without having to pay through the nose.

To get started, simply start by searching for what you need, or if you’d like some help choosing your products, feel free to get in touch by by calling (03) 9357 7141 or send us an enquiry here.

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