Disposable Cutlery

You’ve probably found few of your takeaway customers carry around their own cutlery, and that’s hardly surprising. That’s why you have a continuous supply of disposable cutlery on hand to send out with all your meals. Like most consumables, the cost of all these bits & pieces adds up, and because you don’t charge for them, they are a drain on your profit margins. 

Nevertheless, you don’t have much of a choice, so all you can do is try to find the cheapest supplier and order from them. 

Bulk Disposable Cutlery 

That’s where Bulk Buys comes in. Not only do we provide a huge range of eco-friendly, plastic, & recyclable cutlery, but we do it at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, we deliver all over Australia from our warehouse in Melbourne. 

Individually Wrapped Disposable Cutlery

If you provide a large quantity of takeaway and delivered meals, you probably go through large quantities of cutlery packs. While very convenient and easy to throw in the bag as it heads out the door with the driver, they can start to get expensive. With a growing emphasis on sustainability and cutting down on single-use plastics, many food businesses are feeling pressured into finding non-plastic, or recycled alternatives, and that just leads to more costs.  

Bulk Buys, however, can deliver 100pc wooden cutlery packs from as low as $0.20 per set

Wooden Disposable Cutlery

If you need the environmentally-friendly cutlery but don’t need the packs, then we also provide each utensil in individual packs as well. With wooden knivesforks spoons along with chopsticks and dessert spoons

Biopak Plastic Cutlery

Biopak are the market leaders in producing plant-based plastic goods produced from renewable energy with a much smaller carbon footprint than regular plastics. Bulk Buys carries a range of Biopak disposable cutlery options. You can buy Biopak disposable cutlery. in packs that contain a eco-friendly knife, fork, napkin & salt & pepper sachet.

Plastic Disposable Cutlery

Sometimes you simply can’t afford the costs of the more environmentally-friendly cutlery above, and that’s OK. Bulk Buys carries a full range of cheaper, standard plastic cutlery all available for order online as well. Available from as little as $0.04 per item in 100 pieces, you can stock up on all the disposable cutlery you need. 

A Range of Catering Solutions

Looking for more than just disposable cutlery? Bulk Buys provides a range of environmentally friendly food packaging as well, including recycled containers, sugarcane storage tubs, disposable plates & bowlsnapkinsstraws drinks cups as well. 

Whether you just need one order, or want to set up an ongoing order, Bulk Buys can help. Order online or get in touch today.

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