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Bulk Drinking Cups for Sale

Whether you run a catering business, a local corner shop, or you just take a lot of drinks out of the house every day, you’ll find drinking cups an expense that sneaks up on you. With increasing focus on sustainability, recycling, and reducing single-use plastics, many people feel pressured to switch to more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

While an undeniably solid movement for saving the planet, this presents businesses with a problem, and that problem is the skyrocketing price of supplies. We more frequently find ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place between increasing Cost of Goods and customers unwilling to pay more for what they see as the same thing.

So that brings us to an overarching question: how do we keep up with the increasing demand for sustainable practices, growing COGs, and customers who aren’t willing to pay more? 

The answer is, in fact, very simple. Start ordering your drinking cups from Bulk Buys. 

Drinking Cups for Every Drink

Bulk Buys is unlike any other business in Australia today. Most bulk warehouses stock a little bit of everything, but their range of each individual product is quite small. Bulk Buys has a huge range of everything, and what’s even better is that all of it is available for sale online. Everything can be delivered anywhere in Australia, and everything is delivered at some of Australia’s lowest prices. 

Our range of drinking cups includes:

Plastic Drinking Cups

Slushies, smoothes & iced drinks go hand-in-hand with plastic drinking cups, and we supply them in a range of sizes. Choose from 8oz to 24oz recyclable plastic drinking cups and accompanying lids with prices starting as low as $6.99 for a sleeve of 50. 

If you’re planning a house party and want a touch of pop culture, you can’t co past red 18oz solo cups!

Most of our plastic drinking cups come with the appropriate lids, including flat & dome lids. 

Double Walled Coffee Cups

When supplying hot drinks, you need to consider the safety of the customer. With a propensity towards burning people, hot liquids need to be contained in a safe & durable container to minimize the risk of accidents. Fortunately, that’s where double-walled coffee cups come in, and Bulk Buys carries a huge range.

If you’re just looking to get the job done, we carry a range of simple black-and-white coffee cups to help you keep the coffee flowing without breaking the bank. Alternatively, make your coffee more memorable with some of our patterned coffee cups such as these 8oz coffee cups with designs or these larger 16oz cups with unique designs.

Foam Cups

If you’re stocking up the office drinking fountains, or holding an event where you’ll need a lot of cups, look no further than foam drinking cups. A worldwide industry-standard product is available at Bulk Buys for order online. Choose from 8oz 12oz foam cups and have them delivered to your business anywhere in Australia. 

Suitable for both hot & cold drinks, foam cups use less water & energy than paper cups to manufacture, so you can also minimize your environmental footprint at the same time. 

A Full Catering Solution from Bulk Buys

Bulk Buys has been operating from our Melbourne warehouse for more than 12 years, and we’ve become on of Australia’s leading suppliers of wholesale catering goods. Whether you’re a bar, restaurant, or catering business, you can easily order cups, platescutlerynapkinstakeaway containers, & much more online. 

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