BioPak Printed Paper Cold Biocup 390ml 1000pcs

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Biopak Paper cold cups are lined and coated with Ingeo™, a bioplastic made from plants. They are freezer safe and suitable for cold drinks.

Certified industrially compostable to AS4736.

Available in 4 different colours with compatible lids (Lids are Sold Separately).

Brim full capacity 400ml
Diameter top 90mm
Size 390ml (12oz)
Product dimensions 90 x 109 x 58mm
Colour Mixed colour leaf design
Quantity 1000 Pieces
Manufactured Taiwan
Carton dimensions 46 x 37 x 65.5cm
Compatible Lids

BioPak Cold Paper Biocup PET Clear Dome Lid 90mm 390-650ml

BioPak Cold Paper Biocup Clear PET Flat Lid 90mm 390-650ml

BioPak Cold Paper Biocup Clear PLA Flat Lid 90mm 390-650ml 2000pcs

BioPak Cold Paper Biocup White Large Straw Slot Flat Lid 90mm 390-650ml 2000pcs



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