Waterless Urinal Oil - 1 or 4 Litre

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Waterless Urinal Oil

The Waterless Urinal Oil is an innovative Bio-Bacterial oil designed to trap and eliminates odours in waterless urinals. 

The Oil sits on top of the urine and water contained in the urinal cartridge creating a seal that stops unpleasant smells from entering the washroom from the urinals. 

Containing friendly cleaning bacteria that produces powerful enzymes capable of digesting any organic matter such as urine and ammonia whilst decalcifying uric salt. 

How do I know this works? 

BioNatural solutions are specially formulated with good bacteria that are living cells. The living cells multiply as long as there is grime or waste to consume working long after you've applied it.

While eating, they naturally produce enzymes to break down grime and residue into molecules it can easily digest. The bacteria will continually multiply until all the dirt or pollutants are gone. 

Are the bacteria safe for the environment? 

BioNatural bacterias are 100% safe and scientifically proven to have no harm on the environment. Chemical-free and unaltered as nature intended the cleaning solutions are safe for you, your family, livestock, wildlife and aquatic systems. 

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