Telescopic Pole 3 Sections

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EASILY EXTEND THE LENGTH WITH DURABLE CLICK LOCK: Pull the rod to the desired length and clamp into place for a strong and sturdy pole for your toughest jobs. The quick thumb latches are secure locking mechanisms which make the pole stiff and doesn’t allow it to twist during your chore. Aluminum inner pole prevents twisting and the outer pole is made of rugged fiberglass

There’s little that you won’t be able to reach! Easily clean windows and gutters! Change bulbs in light fixtures in vaulted ceilings or outdoors on the side of a building, painting tall walls, reach 2nd story windows, Indoors or outdoors, it’ll help you.

Manufactured from high-quality fluted aluminum, Gold anodized to provide a smooth, durable finish, Versatile end cone will hold just about any attachment. replacement parts available


  • Colour:
  • Size: 18ft/5490mm milimeters
  • Packet / Quantity: 1
  • Carton / Quantity: 3

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