Sparklex Window Cleaning Concentrate 1L

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Our Sparklex Window Cleaner is a super-concentrated product that cleans and degreases glass surfaces, leaving them absolutely streakless.

This high-performing concentrate contains no ammonia or methylated spirits, will not harm varnish, paint or plastics and is gentle on the skin. 

Just a single bottle can make up to 100 litres of window cleaning solution, or can be applied undiluted for difficult-to-remove dirt and grime.  No wonder this product is used by professional window cleaners!

Apply in long overlapping strips using a squeegee. Always dry the squeegee with a cloth for each stroke. Do not wash windows in direct sunlight to prevent the solution from drying. 


  • Volume: 1LT
  • Quantity: 1/bottle or 12/CARTON 

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