SOGA 22L Stainless Steel Insulated Stock Pot Dispenser Hot & Cold Beverage Container With Tap

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    • SOGA Insulated Dispenser is perfect for hot soup and cold or hot drinks; keeps liquids hot for hours; plastic lever of faucet keeps liquid inside when turned to the left or to the right; lever lets liquid out when facing outward
    • 18/10 stainless steel exterior and interior; double-wall structure with foam insulation
    • Metal carrying handles on two opposite sides of container; side handles when not in use rest against container for space efficiency; the bottom of container walls extends past the container base to minimize abrasion of the base against the surface of your table or counter.
    • Latch in two places on container; each latch when opened allows its bail to fit into corresponding hook welded to cover; the third hook on cover fits into the slot of a strip of metal welded to container; silicone gasket on underside of cover completes the closure by sealing in the temperature inside the container and sealing out the temperature outside the container
    • Tubular handle welded to lid; a recess in lid for finger space
    • 18/10 top quality food grade stainless steel


    • Size: 22L
    • Sizes available: 12L(3.6kg), 22L(3.9Kg), 30L(5.3kg) and 35L(6kg)
    • Dimension: 12L – 33*33*35cm, 22L – 37*37*38.5cm, 30L – 38*38*44cm, and 35L – 41.5*41.5*42cm
    • Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel

    • Home cooking
    • Commercial

Package Includes:

  • 1X SOGA Stainless Steel Insulated Dispenser

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