Sabco Sprinkler Spray Mop Cleaning System

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The Sabco Sprinkler spray mop cleaning system is a must-have!

The microfibre pad will leave no streaks picking up dust, dirt, grease and bacteria with ease.

The Sprinkler handle benefits:

  • Ready to use floor cleaning system
  • Adjustable head for hard to reach areas
  • Push button to release water
  • Unique rubber head rests against walls without slipping
  • Ideal in facilities or areas with restricted space
  • No more carrying heavy mop buckets with inbuilt water dispenser
  • Easy to use, no training required.
  • Handle length, 145cm

The Micro-FX snow Velcro pad benefits:

  • 100% cut pile microfibre, easy gliding on floors.
  • Full colour coded pads avoiding cross-contamination
  • Ideal for all industry and domestic use
  • Any type of floor
  • Highly chemical resistant micro fibre pads
  • Pads last up to 600 washes

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