Rosche Urinal Mats

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Fragance: Cotton Candy
Size: Single
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Rosche Urinal Wave Pads Screen Mat Toilet deodoriser Cotton Candy, Lemon or Ocean Breeze Long Last up to 30 Days

Are the male bathrooms starting to smell?

You need Rosche Urinal Wave Screen Pads.

Prevent urinals from becoming clogged with cigarette butts and debris.

Built-in deodoriser to control urine smell.

Fragrance built into the screen – fragrances for up to a month.

Fits most urinals Design ensures good flow-through and no splash-back.


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Fragrances available:
Cotton Candy (Pink) 
Lemon (Yellow) 
Ocean Breeze (Blue) 

Carton / Quantity:
Cotton Candy (Pink): 25 pieces 
Lemon (Yellow): 25 pieces
Ocean Breeze (Blue): 25 pieces

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