Rainbow Stripping Roll Ribbed 50mm X 30m Yellow

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Rainbow Stripping comes in 25mm X 30m and 50mm X 30m color varieties with a ribbed texture and a 48mm X 30m Gold & Silver pack types. Great for making creative borders and other art & craft uses. Each Rainbow Stripping product comes in its own dispenser box that not only makes it easier to use it also protects the product.

Rainbow stripping comes in a great range of colors and is great for construction and collage craft projects. This Stripping Roll Ribbed is the best for use as a unique border to give your projects that extra artistic edge.

APPLICATIONS: Widely used in various doors and windows, furniture, electrical cabinets, cars, speakers, toys, etc.


  • Colour: YELLOW
  • Size: 50mm X 30m
  • Sleeve / Quantity: 1
  • Carton / Quantity: 12

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