Rainbow Fine Glitter Jar Green 250g

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Rainbow Glitter is chunky small pieces of light-reflecting foil that is perfect for adding sparkle and glam to your art projects.  With this 250 gram container of fine Glitter, you can instantly add sparkle, shine, shimmer, and texture to all your art and craft projects.

  • Give the glamour of Green.-colored glitter to your decorating ideas! Perfect for accenting Christmas ornaments, candles, homemade wreaths and more. Add it to some homemade dough for a special sparkle! Children will love it.
  • This colorful, high-quality fine glitter gives all of your art and craft projects extra texture and dimension. Perfect for embellishing and beautifying paper crafting projects, party décor, hand made cards, apparel crafts and more! The uses are as limitless as your imagination.
  • Great for early learners and primary school classrooms this glitter is easily applied and beautifully decorates their handmade journals, cards, and other papercraft projects.


  • Colour: Green
  • Size: 250 gram
  • Sleeve / Quantity: 1
  • Carton / Quantity: 20

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