Rainbow Fluro Crepe Assorted Colours

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Crepe paper is an extremely versatile craft material.

Commonly used to make party streamers or to wrap flower bouquets and presents, crepe paper can also be used as a banner or finishing line, to make paper sculptures and appliques and can even be submerged in water and used as a gentle dye for eggs, white cardboard and other materials. 

Flat crepe paper is sometimes called tissue paper. 

Available in a spectrum of bright colours, including foil and fluro varieties, our Rainbow Crepe Paper is a great choice for someone looking to get creative with crepe paper. 


  • Colour: Assorted (Pink, Yellow, Orange, Lilac, Green)
  • Paper Size: 500mm x 2.5m
  • Sleeve / Quantity: 5 pieces consisting of 5 different colours. 
  • Carton / Quantity: 240

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