Rainbow Bulk Doyleys 215mm 250 Sheets Silver

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Our paper lace doilies are made from sturdy paper materials for safe and hygienic use with food items.  Protects furniture from moisture, stains and dirty dishes when serving food to treat someone special. These gold foil lace doilies are disposable. Throw away these disposable doilies once used without the worry of washing or storing.

  • Versatile: Add a visual appeal to foods. These doilies convey a quality image, allowing you to more effectively merchandise appetizers, desserts and menu specialties. Also used for serving trays, under entree plates, to accent a centerpiece and to protect table linens.
  • Best: Display your creations with style and elegance with silver color doilies. They look fantastic placed under cakes, tea cakes, or other dessert items on Christmas, birthday, wedding, holiday party, celebrations of any occasion.


  • Colour: SILVER
  • Paper Size: 215mm 
  • Sleeve / Quantity: 1
  • Carton / Quantity: 8

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