Bingo Front & Top Load Washing Powder 9kg



Introducing the all new Bingo Automat Laundry Powder

Stain remover: 

Specially formulated with an in-built stain remover, this product will refresh and cleanse your clothing, leaving it feeling like new. 

All colours: 

No one colour is too much for this product! It will leave them looking bright, and help to prevent unwanted dye transfer. 

Front and top loader:

Suitable for use in both front and top loader machines. 

Rose bouquet: 

With the fragrance of freshly picked Turkish roses, this product will leave your clothes with a delightful and lasting perfume. 

Frequent use:

This gentle formula will not damage your clothing when washed frequently. 


Available in a massive 9kg bag, stock up today for unbeatable value!

No matter how you look at it Bingo is the way to go! 

Switch today and discover why Bingo is a staple of households across Europe. 

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