Nab Clean Dust Cleaning Mop 16" Complete Set 40cm

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YOU DESERVE TO HAVE THE BEST QUALITY FOR YOUR HOME: Our Dust Mop Head is made from high-quality material and strong material mop handle. Strong, sturdy, durable and last long make using, moping and rinsing the mop head easier than any other mops on the market. 

The Tidy Tools Dry Mop features a super absorbent cotton yarn mop head that causes dirt, dust, and grime to cling to it with ease. It doesn’t just push the dirt around like our competitors. Can use dry or damp with a little water or mop solution

Give your janitorial staff the right tools for the job. Our dry mops allow you to clean a large surface area in a short amount of time. Also great to have at home to clean your floors like a pro. 

  • Great for sweeping timber, vinyl, and other smooth surfaces
  • Lightweight and commercial quality


Size: 16" (40cm)

Colour: Blue

Quantity: 1 Dust Mop Set  (Complete with aluminium handle)

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