Foldable Extender Gripper Tool Long Handy

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Our Gripper for collecting waste and leaves on the ground - without bending over. Height of working position doesn't strain the muscles thanks to the long handle, Good grip, no dirty hands. Rubber knobs for easy gripping of loose materials such as paper, leaves and small sticks. High longevity, Easy to clean with water, Finnish design.

  • MATERIAL: Designed from lightweight aluminum, easy to take and durable to use. The rubber softly grips to the shape of your hand for comfortable touch.
  • WIDELY-USED: For an elder to pick up items in the yard, great for outdoor trash picker, help disabled to reach items, arm extension for kids and adults.
  • Size: 100cm
  • Packet / Quantity: 1
  • Carton / Quantity:10
  • Safely collects dangerous objects
    Strong metal prongs with built-in rubber grip
    Lightweight aluminium pole

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