Kenton Vanilla Custard - 100g



With a history stretching as far back as 1945, and with thousands of products that have become household staples in Europe, Kenton - in their own words - is the one you can trust in the kitchen.

This custard powder is rich, indulgent and has a flavor inspired the classic British dessert. Adjust its sweetness according to your taste!

Ready to eat in less than an hour, served hot or cold, and delightful on its own or as a compliment to cakes, puddings and fruit, or even as a topper for ice cream, this versatile dessert will be a crowd pleaser.


Volume: 100g/box

Flavour: vanilla

Quantity: 1 box/UNIT

Ingredients: corn starch, vanilla flavouring, colours (beta carotene, riboflavine), thickener (carageenan).  

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