Kenton Happy Delight Strawberry Pudding - 100g



With a history stretching as far back as 1945, and with thousands of products that have become household staples in Europe, Kenton - in their own words - is the one you can trust in the kitchen.

These delicious instant puddings are not only soft, moist, fluffy and full of flavor, but are easy to prepare and ready to eat in less than an hour.

Available in banana, strawberry, cocoa and chocolate flavors, there's one for every palette. Make them separately, or layer them for a Neapolitan-style dessert.

Share with your family or friends, or enjoy all by yourself!


Volume: 100g/packet

Flavour: strawberry

Quantity: 1 packet/UNIT

Ingredients: sugar, corn starch, strawberry powder, thickener (carageenan), strawberry flavouring, color (red beet root, beta carotene).

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