Industrial Methylated Spirits - 25LT or 5LT

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Size: 5LT
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The below product is compatible with our 25LT bottles and can be purchased separately: 

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Industrial strength Methylated Spirits is a versatile product that can be used in across many industries as a cleaning or thinning solvent.  

95% ethanol, this product will easily break down dirt and grime and sterilize stainless steel surfaces. 

Please be advised this is not a food-grade product. 

Methylated spirits can be used as:

  • a cleaner solvent to remove permanent marker from PVC plastics
  • an effective solvent for thinning paints
  • a solvent for cleaning paintbrush
  • a general metal cleaner
  • a cleaner for DVD/CD lenses


Size: 5Lt  & 25Lt  

*Bulk Buys wishes to advise that chemical products can be hazardous. Please review the labels carefully and use the product only as directed, with the relevant safety apparel. Do not use chemical products for purposes not defined on the label.  

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