Impervious Level 3 Fluid Resistant Gown with Elastic Sleeves - Yellow - 10 pcs



It is vital that those working in high-risk settings are properly equipped with protective apparel to prevent exposure to and transmission of contagions and other hazardous agents.

Disposable gowns can be worn in laboratory, factory and clinical environments for the prevention of exposure of the clothing and skin to hazardous agents. 

Made using high quality, textile-like SMS fabric, these surgical gowns provide a fluid resistant and particle repellent barrier to your clothing and body, while offering a level of breathability that will help to keep you cool and comfortable.

To wear, simply lift the gown over your head, arms and torso, and tie at the back. 

These gowns are level 3 - offering a moderate level of fluid resistance when compared to other gowns. 


Size: Oversize (Covers sizes X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large)

Quantity: 10pcs/SLEEVE

Colour: Yellow

Carton quantity is 50pcs.

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