Hobby Shampoo & Conditioner Almond Oil & Jasmine Flower 600m (Past Expiry)

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Just past best before date: 02/2019

Nourishment and Silky Softness for Normal Hair from New Hobby Natural Oil Conditioner Series

Almond Oil

Moisturises and nourishes hair with the help of vitamin E in the almond oil.

Jasmine Flower

Nourishes and moisturises hair from the root to the end.

Direction of Use

Apply shampoo lathering hair from root to end and rinse off. 

Apply, after shampoo, to wet hair from root to the end and rinse off.


Size: 600mL 

Pack Content: 1 Almond Oil & Jasmine Flower Shampoo & 1 Almond Oil & Jasmine Flower Conditioner.

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