HedBanz The Quick Question Game of “What Am I?”

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Family game night is a longstanding tradition of many households.

What Am I? is a family guessing game for kids and grown ups of all ages. 

  • This is the ultimate educational, family fun guessing game to play at home, school or on the go!
  • Pick a card, stick it on your forehead and try to guess what your card has on it!
  • This game is double the fun when you’re trying to guess characters, objects, food and even animals!
  • What am I is the game that teaches kids to articulate, communicate and think on their feet!
  • Perfect game for 2-4 players.
  • Enjoy hours of fun!

Each set includes;

  • Guessing Cards
  • Headbands
  • Timer

Enjoy hours of laughs trying to guess each other characters with this fun  board game!
Recommended age 3+ years


Quantity: 1 game/UNIT

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