Griddle Polishing Pad 101mm x 133mm

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FAST CLEANING. Abrasive enough to cut through caked-on carbon and food buildup. For even faster results, use a griddle cleaning solution or a water/vinegar mix. Abrasive enough to remove tough, baked-on food without damaging the underlying metal.
  • PERFECT FOR STUBBORN BUILD UP. These heavy-duty pads will scrape off even the most stubborn of deposits, leaving you with a beautiful cooking surface.
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS on Wolf, Viking, Blackstone, and other restaurant-grade cooking equipment. If it’s good enough for them, it’s guaranteed to be good enough for your home grills & griddles!


  • Size: 101mm x 133 millilitres
  • Packet / Quantity: 1
  • Carton / Quantity:20

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