Griddle Pad Holder Kit

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This Griddle Metal Scouring Scrubber is Great to grime off and restore its original shine and make it look like brand new again. This removes burnt-on food and grease to assure sanitary dining experience and satisfaction

  • Our Grill Cleaner Pads and Holder is the best for home, bars, and restaurants to add a final polish to make future cleanings easier. Washable and easy to clean, made of highest quality materials which makes them great for multiple usages.
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Features a commercial-grade abrasive for effective removal of tough stains. This helps grills and griddles maintain clean and sanitized. It can also be used with almost any surface.


  • Packet / Quantity: 1
  • A three-part system consisting of the holder, pad and screen
  • Scrape debris with a scraper, clean griddle with screen and polish with pad
  • Carton / Quantity:1

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