Genfac Plastic Round Container 440ml

Option: 50 / SLEEVE
Colour: White
Lids: No Lids



Genfac Plastic Round Container (Microwaveable) Lid Suit. 220-850mL

Genfac 120mm Dome Round Lid - Lid Suit. 220-850mL



Designed to be Microwaveable safe Genfac containers are made from thicker plastic making them one of the most reliable on the market.

The simplicity of one round lid that fits all containers makes them a practical container for the takeaway market.  

Note: Lids are sold separately. 


Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Colour: Natural

Weight: 10.9g

Brim Diameter:  117.5mm

Height:  60mm

Suggested Serving Capacity: 440mL

Carton Dimensions: 596mm X 245mm X 300mm

Sale Quantity: 50 & 500 

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