Genfac Plastic Rectangle Container (Microwaveable) 500ml

Option: 50 / SLEEVE
Color: Black
Lids: 50 / FLAT Lids


Genfac Plastic Rectangle Container (Microwaveable) Lid Suit. 500-1,000mL

Designed to be microwave safe Genfac containers are an economical solution for hot foods.  

The simplicity of one rectangle lid that fits all containers makes them a practical container for the takeaway market.  

Genfac lids are BPA free, food safe, microwaveable, recyclable and virgin grade.

 Lid Features:  

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Colour: Natural

Weight: 11.0g

Lid Width: 123mm

Lid Length: 178mm

Height:  20mm

Capacity:  N/A

Carton Dimensions: 630mm X 228mm X 373mm

Sale Quantity: 50 and 500

Note: Lids are sold separately. 

Container Features:  

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Colour: Natural

Weight: 16.2g

Container Width: 118mm

Container Length: 175mm

Height:  40mm

Suggested Serving Capacity: 500mL

Carton Dimensions: 613mm X 258mm X 359mm

Sale Quantity: 50 & 500 

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