Furkan - Cold-Pressed Black Cumin Oil - 250ml



With the powerful antihistamine, thymoquinone, black cumin oil, or nigella sativa, is believed to have numerous health benefits. 

Nigella sativa has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and is rich in many vitamins and minerals for nourishment. Furthermore, it contains fatty amino acids, essential for neural health. 

Furkan Cold-Pressed Black Cumin Oil offers many nutritional benefits when used on a daily basis, and can be applied topically (to the skin or scalp) or ingested. 

Black Cumin Oil;
  • can eliminate harmful bacteria
  • can strengthen the immune system
  • can help with the natural healing processes of the skin
  • can ease muscular aches and joint pain.
  • supports the health of the respiratory and digestive systems
  • is cold-pressed, using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

Suggested Use

For adults, take 1 tablespoon daily.




Storage: Refrigerate after opening.





Size: 250ml

Usage: Hair, Joint pain, aromatherapy and cooking.

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