Focus Optimum 2ply Z-Fold Paper Towel - 12 Packet x 200 Sheets

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Focus Folded Paper Towel Dispenser (White or Transparent Blue)

Stainless Steel Slim Towel Dispenser


Focus Optimum Paper Towels are high-quality hygienic paper solutions.  

Compatible with most dispensers focus hand towels have excellent wet tear strength and perfect for executive washrooms.  

Bigger and thicker sheets make the Focus Optimum Hand Towel a cost-efficient solution for washrooms reducing wastage. 


Fold: Interleave  

Ply: 2 

Sheet Size: 20 x 24cm  

Quantity / Carton: 2400 sheets  

Weight (KG): 5 

Compatiable with the following dispenser models:

- Kleenex 70230 
- Kleenex 70220
- H2 Tork System 

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