Focus Folded Paper Towel Dispenser (White or Transparent Blue) 

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Color: White
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Focus Extra Hand Towel 200 Sheets x 12 Packets


Focus Optimum Hand Towel 200 Sheets x 12 Packets 


Available in white or transparent blue made from ABS plastic the interleave hand towel dispenser with interchangeable key lock/button lock comes complete with a wall mounting kit and is perfect for our interleave towels.

This hand towel dispenser represents excellent value for money!

Popular for use in service stations, office restrooms, toilets, kitchens and more. Interleave paper hand towels are precut into sheets that can be pulled one by one from the dispenser. This makes the dispenser perfect for areas where the user may have wet or oily hands.

Use of pre-cut interleave towels also reduces waste significantly by presenting the end-user with a finite amount of paper peruse. 



Colour: Transparent Blue & White  

Width (cm): 28  

Height (cm): 38 

Depth (cm): 10 

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