Familia Tissue Roll With Detergen

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World's first kitchen towel infused with detergent!

This Familia tissue roll is infused with a powerful detergent, designed to be used on dirty areas such as kitchen benches, stovetops and ovens for a quick and hassle-free clean.

With extra thick, absorbent sheets, these paper towels are as durable as they are easy to use. 


1. Activate with water
2. Wipe the area 
3. Dispose after use. 

Familia paper is manufactured from cellulose. 

It is this high quality, naturally occurring ingredient that gives our Papia, Familia and Teno papers it's incredible cotton-like softness that you won't find anywhere else.

Cotton Content: 

Cellulose: 90% 

Virgin Pulp: 40-50%


Volume: 1 roll/pack

Quantity: 1 pack/UNIT

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