Envirochoice Round Container PLA 12oz

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Size: 25 / SLEEVE
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Envirochoice Round Container Lid - 12, 16 & 24oz


Envirochoice round containers are made with renewable resources providing an environmentally friendly alternative.  

Used for chips, rice dishes, noodles, chicken strips and cold foods like ice-cream Envirochoice containers are ideal for catering requirements. 

What is PLA? 

PLA Stands for polylactic acid and is a resin made from corn starch.  

PLA is used to make the lining that is used in Envirochoice coffee cups.  

PLA is biodegradable, and fully compostable.  

It uses 65% less energy in production compared to oil-based plastics. 

Generates 68% fewer greenhouse gases and contains zero toxins.  


Size: 12oz  

Sale Quantity: 25 & 500 

Note: Lids are sold separately. 

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