Envirochoice Fresh View Plastic Burger Clams 250pcs

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Envirochoice Recycled PET Fresh View containers are a one piece hinged construction with increased container rigidity to allow finished product stacking. The container provides an excellent water vapour barrier for longer shelf life.

The lid fixes to the base via two press locks at the corners opposite the hinge, providing a very secure seal. When you close a Fresh View clam, it stays closed. To aid your customers with opening the Fresh View container at home, there is an overlapped corner providing an easy separation point.
Feature Summary:
  • Next generation sealing tabs
  • Seal allows for a leak resistant closure of the container
  • Once piece, hinged construction
  • Increased product rigidity to allow finished product stacking
  • Provides an excellent water vapour barrier for increased shelf life
Why Switch To Recycled PET?
  • Show Commitment: show your customers that you really are committed to corporate social responsibility and the environment
  • Consumer Preference: research shows that consumers display a preference for brands and retailers who use recycled content in their packaging. Recycling plastic content can help to build brand loyalty and change perceptions.
  • Maintain Quality: packaging products in recycled materials is possible without compromising performance, physical properties, storage stability or visual appeal.


Dimensions: 67mm x 137mm x 137mm

Colour: Clear

Quantity: 250 pieces

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