Eco-straw Oxo-Bio Paper Wrap Regular Straw Black 1000pcs



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Eco-straw oxo-bio is a regular black straw individually wrapped and most commonly used in the takeaway market is a cost-efficient solution to provide customers. 

This straw is ideal for the take-away market and a cost-efficient solution to provide customers with.

The Oxo-Bio cocktail straw has added reverte which allows the straw to withstand acidic drinks and maintain its shape longer. 

Fully biodegradable and compostable this straw is a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic straws. 


Straw Size: 5mm Bore x 205mm Long

Quantity / Carton: 1000 Pieces 

Carton Size: 23.0 x 22.0 x 19.0 cm

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