Easy Mop Pro Adjustable Mop & Bucket Set 3 Replacements Heads

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Color: Blue
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This innovative product is designed to separate clean and dirty water. 

After wetting your mop and cleaning your floors, place the mop head in the stainless steal rinsing bucket, and swirl to remove accumulated dirt and debris before wetting the mop again. 

You can also save the hassle of returning for detergent by using the built-in detergent container and pump, so you can adjust the amount of detergent you are using according to your cleaning needs.


Maximum length: 180cm

Bucket Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 24 cm

Mop head: microfibre material, round, 360 degree swivel

Quantity: 1 set/UNIT

Colours: Blue, Pink , Green

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