Earth Choice - All-in-1 Dish Tablets - 42 pack

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Using their patented Stream Tab technology, Earth Choice has created a dish tablet that has a naturally powerful performance. 

Each individual tablet features the following:

- Deep soaking action

- Tough stain removal

- Rinse aid

- Dissolvable wrapper 

- Grease cutting action

- Removes encrusted food

- Powerful tea stain removal

- Odour neutralizing

These tablets will leave your dishes sparkling clean without the use of harsh chemicals, instead employing natural plant and mineral based ingredients with low sodium and no phosphates. 

This product's surfactants are biodegradable in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4351, the packaging is fully recyclable and the manufacturing process is cruelty free (CCF accredited). 


Volume: 672g

Quantity: 42 tablets/BOX

Ingredients: sodium citrate, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate peroxide, sodium carbonate, polyglycol ether, granulation excipient (non-hazardous), CETEARETH-10, polyacrylic acid, sodium silicate, taed, tetrasodium etidronate, subtilisin, aqua, glycerin, cellulose gum, acrylic acid-maleic acid copolymer, CI 19140, CI 42090:2, perfume, amylase 

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