Capri Clingwrap Extra Strength 45cm x 600m

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Size: 1 / SLEEVE

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Capri extra strength clingwrap is made to the highest food grade PVC specification and ISO standards and is manufactured in Australia.  

Capri Clingwrap has outstanding clarity and cling performance and many professional's choice in Australia.  

Clingwrap is packed with its own built in easy cutter. 

Specially designed to be microwaveable safe for convenience and multi-use.  

  • Made from PVC plastic
  • Suitable for hot and cold foods
  • Put into your regular rubbish bin after use
Size 45cm x 600m
Colour Clear 
Height  102mm
Length 502mm
Width 101mm
Recyclable  No
Food Grade Certified Yes
Quantity 1 / SLEEVE or 6 / CARTON

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