Biopak Sugarcane Clamshells 7.8x8x3" BioCane Clamshell

Style: White


Colour: White or Natural

Save time and troubles from transferring foods when you’re trying to reheat or preserve your food to tableware when you can microwave and freeze foods with this Natural BioCane Clamshell. It keeps cold items cold and hot items hot! It is highly durable and is soak resistant. These eco-friendly disposable food containers are perfect for restaurants or everyday use to pack food on the go. You can carry these containers anywhere, anytime, anyplace without any mess! 

Product size: 198mm L x 203mm W x 81mm H
Carton size: 45cm L x 38cm W x 22.5cm H
Carton total weight: 8.6kg
Pieces per carton: 200

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