Biopak Chip Cups Kraft Chip BioCup 12, 16, 32oz

Size: 12oz


This is good quality kraft paper cups which can be used for snacks, desserts, ice cream, or any other food you want. You don't have to worry about running out of cups, and they are made of paper which would be environment-friendly even if they are disposal. The gorgeous brown colour goes well with many different venues and themes if you want it on any parties.

Size: 12oz

Product size: 0mm L x 84mm W x 122mm H
Paper weight: 305gsm
Carton size: 53cm L x 33cm W x 38cm H
Carton total weight: 9.6kg
Pieces per carton: 1,000

Size: 16oz

Product size: 0mm L x 80mm W x 139mm H
Thickness: 305mm
Carton size: 55cm L x 35cm W x 41cm H
Carton total weight: 11kg
Pieces per carton: 1,000

Size: 32oz

  • Diameter top: 90mm
  • Product size: 183mm L
  • Carton size: 58cm L x 22cm W x 65.3cm H
  • Carton total weight: 20.83kg
  • Pieces per carton: 500
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