BioBlitz Biological Concentrate Cleaner

Save $36



1 Litre makes 20 litres

A powerful 20:1 concentrated specially formulated to make cleaning a breeze with its beneficial probiotics making quicker, easier, effective and cost-saving cleaning. 

Its cultured bacteria decompose organic matter such as urine, blood, soap scum, grease and fats by creating digestive enzymes that help bio-degrade complex compounds. 

Most impressively, the bacteria work upon application, meaning that long hours of cleaning are a thing of the past. 


Light Cleaning 20:1 (Spray & wipe, vanities, floors, exercise equipment). 

Medium Cleaning 10:1 (Urinals, stainless steel, showers, washrooms, bathrooms). 

Heavy Cleaning 1:1 (Plumbing maintenance, grease, drain traps, laundries, ovens and BBQ's). 

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