Armour Plate Floor Polish (Sealer) - 20LT or 4LT

Size: 4LT


Armour Plate Polish is a high solid, cross-linked, acrylic sealer-finish for vinyl, linoleum, rubber and terrazzo floors. Easily applied for a high-polish, re-buffable non-slip finish.

An ultra gloss, ultra durable ultra high-speed finish.

High Solids – requires fewer coats, saving time and labor.

Designed for high traffic floors – excellent gloss and response to UHSburnishing

Extremely durable – extends re-coat and strip-out cycles, reducing labor costs

User friendly – Easy to apply, repair and re-coat.

The finish of choice for workplace floor maintenance systems where gloss and durability are of paramount importance. Use in your showroom and lobbies.

Featuring interlocked UHS finish with new SPT (Synergistic Polymer Technology), the product incorporates the best properties of several polymers in a synergy that is unsurpassed to create the ultimate finish. 


Size: 20Lt & 4Lt

*Bulk Buys wishes to advise that chemical products can be hazardous. Please review the labels carefully and use the product only as directed, with the relevant safety apparel. Do not use chemical products for purposes not defined on the label.  

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