7 Tie Millet Broom

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Hey! Are you looking for 7 Tie Millet Broom? You have come to the right place. our choice is available here!
Our 7 Tie Millet Millet Broom is chlorine and bleach resistant. It is made up of 100%  natural fibers. This broom can be used either for dry or for wet applications.
Well suited for cleaning in the garden and around pool areas. When the task for the day is sweeping around the home, grab the Sabco Premium Millet broom. Whether it be the patios, pavers, paths, pool areas, the driveway or just general sweeping of leaves and debris, the millet broom will make the job actually enjoyable.
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  • Packet / Quantity: 1
  • Quality millet
  • Metal strapped
  • 25mm timber handle

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