3 x MediGear 5-Ply Fluid Resistant Particulate Respirator Mask Non-Sterile 20pcs

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These KN95 masks by MediGear feature ultra-fine filtration technology and are designed for protection and comfort. 

The tridimentional design of this mask helps it to contour to the face of the wearer for a comfortable fit. 

Intended to reduce the wearer's exposure to airborne particulates including those generated by electric medical equipment, and feature fluid resistance for protection - when worn properly - from potentially infectious liquids. 

Not for industrial use. 

These masks are:

- 5-ply

- Fluid Resistant

- Made using polypropylene

- Have a 3-year shelf life

- Compliant with Execution Standard (CN) G82626-2006; Execution Standard (EU) EN 149-2001; A1;2009; A5/NZ5 1716:2012

Please follow the instructions on the box. Improperly worn masks can significantly increase the risk of exposure. 


Volume: 20pcs/BOX

Quantity: 20 Masks

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