4 x Bingo Dynamic Dishwashing Tablets Phosphate Free/Eco-Friendly 120pk

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Bingo was established in Turkey in 1987 and specializes in the production of household products. Bingo's vision is to constantly adapt and grow in accordance with the needs of their customers, providing quality goods for everyday use. 

Embrace the power and radiance of nature with Bingo's eco-friendly, concentrated dishwashing tablets!

Specially formulated without the use of pthalates or phosphates, these tablets are is designed to prevent harm to the natural environment.  

Easy on the ecosystem, but tough on grime; this product uses natural enzymes to breakdown dirt and lift stains, even in low temperatures. 

With an outstanding 480 tablets, this deal is not one to be missed. 


1. Remove tablet from inner wrap.

2. Do not place tablet inside cutlery tray 

3. For best results do not use fast wash.

4. Keep box out of direct sunlight and flap closed. 

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